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ZUU are a psychedelic rock band hailing from Los Angeles, California. Living through a few incarnations, their sound has been referred to as shoe-gazer, psychedelic pop, space and alternative rock. The full length version of their self-titled debut EP, out in 2005, established the band with an underground following across the States, Europe and Asia. After attending SXSW on the heels of some local buzz surrounding their sound, ZUU got back in the studio to write and record their second LP Everywhere, released in 2009.  Recorded and produced by the band itself, and with Ken Andrews of Failure remixing the album, Everywhere  made it on several indie blog lists for "Top Albums of the Year".  ZUU recently launched the title track off their 3rd LP, Blood or Transistors, on October 30, 2017. The album will be released one track at a time with limited edition vinyl copies of the full LP available in 2018. 


Press 2009-2010 
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What’s being said about the new LP "Everywhere"



“A wall to wall epic of fuzz and distortion that has the ability to knock you off your feet with its textures and layers…the album is tremendous”

Adam Roncaglione - www.rabbitholemusic.com



“A catchy blend of American and British Alternative Rock with refreshingly original hooks and winning melodies. ZUU successfully capture the best aspects of alternative rock from both sides of the Atlantic”

Jordan Blum –  www.adequacy.net 



­­­­­­­­­­­­­“At the core of ‘Everywhere’  is a powerful pop record with massive hooks and just the right amounts of attitude and fury.”

Dan Goldin www.explodinginsound.com



“ZUU’s songs have a power and a drive about them that’s highly potent and demands to be turned-up all the way.”

 Ian Abrahams –  www.spacrockreviews.blogspot.com